Surfing is life…..the rest are details! Portugal’s west coast is world known for its regular and consistent Atlantic swells, delivering good waves all around the year, and the beaches of Aveiro are no exception. Located just 45 minutes south of Porto, Aveiro has several good surf spots, suitable for begginers but also advanced surfers, and beautifull natural surroundings.If you are looking for a crowd free beach, easy going mates in the water, no localism rules, sandy beachs, no pollution, you should consider a holiday surfing vacation here. The added bonus of the Aveiro beachs Barra and Costa Nova, is that you can just park your car for the entire surfing vacation, and walk or take the bike to your elected spot of the day. Because we dont just live on surfing, there is plenty of fresh and tasty seafood from the ‘ria de Aveiro’ estuary, and a cool night life in the city too. The surfing lessons take place normally at Barra beach, were waves are more softer, due to the protection of the big peer. Costa Nova delivers quite powerfull wave conditions, more suitable for the pro-surfers. This video gives you a nice idea of the surfing and the relaxed surfing lifestyle in Aveiro during the holiday season…. Enjoy!



SURFING  – Discovery – Beginner surf  lesson – 2 hours    

Our taster surf lesson is designed for maximum fun in the water. Its not intended to prepare you for the surfing world cup in the first lesson! The surf  instructor will make you feel at home, teaching you  the way of the ocean, its secrets and also its moods. You will learn how to read the waves, where to get inside more easily, how  position yourself in the line up, and how to respect the orther surfers(surf etiquette). Surfing is not just another  sport, its a way of life and a way of celebrating mother nature…our real home!

The surfing lesson includes:

For more surf lessons,  a complete surfing course  or a surfcamp in Aveiro or nearby beaches  please contact us REQUEST/BOOKING