Use the wind, benefit from our school training experience and learn to windsurf on the west coast of Portugal, in the shallow waters of the lagoon ‘Ria de Aveiro’

Located between Porto and Figueira da Foz,  the lagoon of Aveiro is a inland strech of water lying just 100 meters from the Altantic ocean. Due to the lagoon’s flat  and shallow waters its the ideal playground for learning windsurfing  in safe and easy conditions.

With the combination of beach and water based coaching your windsurfing technique will rapidly improve with our lessons.  Our instructors ensure groups are split according to ability enabling each individual to gain the most out of their holiday.  The shallow  waters of the Lagoon of Aveiro help speed up your progression, and save time. The instructors are always available to offer friendly and professional advice. Our windsurfing scheme generally divides into basic and advanced and takes you progressively through the skills required to become a competent windsurfer in a variety of conditions. In addition to the practical elements, each session covers a small amount of windsurfing background knowledge.
After an initial assessment which may include a brief water session we will define your individual proficiency level.  It is important that you feel good in the group and have as much fun as possible.  Even during the course it is still possible to change the group in order to bring out the best in you.







Learn to Windsurf: Basic Level

Discovery – 1 h   30€ (4 Pax)  35€ (2 Pax)   40€ (1 Pax)
Introduction to the basic techniques of windsurfing

2 Days Windsurfing  Course – 5 hours    120€
Learn to windsurf in 6h / from first uphaul, to the technic of going upwind

4 Days Winsurfing Course – 10 hours   200€
Learn to windsurf in 10h / from first uphaul, to the technic of going upwind

Complete Basic Windsurfing Course – 10 hours(lessons)+6 hours(lesson supervision)    250€
Learn all the windsurf basics plus some extra hours for training the skills aquired.

Private Lesson  -  1 hours    45€
One instructor just for you, whatever you want to learn, booked when it suits you the most.

*** All Prices are per person / Wetsuits included


Learn to Windsurf: Advanced Level

The advanced windsurfing course or lessons aims at helping windsurfers develop their skills and get maximum enjoyment while out on the water.  Learning targets of the course are advanced manoeuvres such as beach and water start, transitions and planing techniques, the proper use of the harness and foot straps.  When blasting down the waves you will definitely fall for the fascination of windsurfing.  During the course high tech Monofilm sails and very light boards will be applied.

Intensive Harness class – 2h   45€
Learn to use harness, line placement, first hooked in rides

Intensive Waterstart class – 2h   45€
Learn the waterstar technique, from the land simulator to your first waterstart

Intensive Jibe class – 2h   45€
Learn your way to the Jibe technique, from the land simulator to the first power jibe

Freestyle Clinic – 2h   45€
Learn the basic techniques of freestyle windsurfing, from the Helicopter Tack, Nose Sink Tack to the Hot Doggin’



 Windsurfing Free Lessons on SATURDAY’S afternoon from 14.00 pm  to 15.00 pm ( hours may change acording to the tides)

Special offer of free lesson of windsurfing, you just pay the rental of the windsurfing equipment for 2 hours.

The promotion is only available for school members with own kit(equipment), or school students who have completed the basic windsurfing course.