COSTA NOVA – The Village – It’s all about the water!

The seaside village of Costa Nova, a long time favourite holiday location in the Portuguese west coast, is famous for its nice long sandy beaches, the salt water lagoon on the inland side, and the clear blue atlantic on the orther side! The geografical configuration is a stretch of sand paralell to the coast line with water on both sides, and water is what its all about!

COSTA NOVA – The Lifestyle – Tradicional fishermen’s village  alongside with the trendy water & surf addicts!

Picture the typical colourfull candy striped wooden houses facing inland over the lagoon, the daily routines of the local fishermen with their small colourfull boats, the action packed afternoons with windsurfing and kitesurfing  on the lagoon, the morning surf sessions or the late ones untill sunset……few cars and rush rush……and you get a pretty good idea about the relaxed atmosfere this place is all about!

WATER – LAGOON AND OCEAN – Flat water or waves, its your choice!

On the lagoon side you have flat waters, sandy beaches, small islands to discover, warmer waters than the ocean, and most of the time waist deep waters due to the daily tidal variations, thus creating the perfect playground for easy, quick and safe learning of our waterports.

On the seaside the consistent Atlantic swells along with the sandy  reefs  produce some very nice waves with great regularity. The choice of surfable spots is quite vast  around  Costa Nova, starting in Barra beach on the North side(just2 km away), all the way down the coast line!

WIND – THE REGULAR NORTADA – Reliable termals on Sunny Days!

All year long, as long as there is sun the termal wind is here, but of course its mostly bettween Spring and Autumn that it really gets strong and more reliable. Best months are considered to be from April till September, were they blow a consistent 15 to 25 kts, and on the hardcore days it goes up to 35 kts of pure NORTADA. In general the Nortada termal wind blows stronger in the afternoon, but many days in the last years its consistency is all day long, and when this happens its guaranteed that it will be a 25 kt plus day.

RIACTIVA – THE WATERSPORTS CENTER – Sharing the passion for water & wind !

Our center is located on the Southend part of Costa Nova, just after the local fishermen’s harbour. We have a dedicated space on the beachfront alongside of the lagoon, and with a previliged panoramic view of the entire lagoon.
The center offers activity sports based on wind and water, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, catamaran sailing, kayaking or canoeing, stand up paddling and surfing. For the complete beginners we offer several entry courses and lessons, both for groups or on a private basis. For the intermediates  or for the follow up of the beginners, we offer a wide range of equipment rentals on every sport, and special activities such as tours, kids, camps and events.

On the premises, you can enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosfere, and profit from all of our facilities, changing rooms, sweet water for your gear, hot showers, bathrooms, chill out waterfront, sunbeds, voleyball field, and much more!

Our friendly yet qualified and experienced instructors, speak many languages, and are always ready to give you the right tips to improve your ability, to make the most of your stay with us. Watersports are our passion and sharing our passion with others makes our day!

So, we welcome you to our homepage and hope to see you soon  in our watersportcenter!