Sailing is a passion that changes your life. Whether you are a complete sailing novice or a competent multi-hull sailor, you can be assured that with our lessons we will help you learn new skills and improve your sailing technique, whilst on your sailing holiday in Portugal.

The drive of the wind, the calm waters of the lagoon and the islands to discover on the ‘ria de Aveiro’ makes a dream come true for all sailors. Enjoy this sensation while the hulls of your catamaran cut through turquoise and crystal clear waters. Catamarans due to their simplicity are the ideal sailing boats to easily gain good sailing skills and because they are quite light compared to other sailing boats, they deliver very fast speeds on just a little breeze!

Our Catamarans are New Cat 15 (15feet / 4.5 mt-length), they can be sailed either alone if you have the required skills, two sailors wich is the most common case, and even up to 4 persons if two of them are quite light (kids). The morning trips from the school to the island and back, the sunset rides with a group of friends, and the combined activities with Stand Up paddle are some of the center’s sailing specials. Due to the alignment of the Lagoon, its possible to sail with every wind direction, also windwise mornings are quite calm, and afternoons are quite windy, so you decide what kind of sailing makes your day!


Sailing /Catamaran  – DiscoveryTaster session

Objectives: This  session is proposed for those who just want to try it out, with no imediate intentions of learning more.

Sailing / Catamaran lesson 1 hour    35 eur/1 person

Sailing / Catamaran lesson 1 hour    25  eur/ 2 persons

Basic Level

For this course no sailing experience is needed. The further you go on the instruction level, the more independency you gain, so that after finishing the Complete basic level course, you would be able to handle the catamaran in medium wind just by yourself, and be able to rent it, and ride safetly without the instructor.

Sailing /Catamaran – 2 Days course – 4 hours   120 eur/person 

Objectives: Setting the sail, casting off safely, steering, easy mooring, tacking, gibing, sailing up to 12 kts of wind,  sailing theory

Sailing /Catamaran – Complete Basic Course – 8 hours – 2 Days course  4hours + 4 hours rental included –   180 eur / person

Objectives: Includes an important follow up renting of 4 hours with the instructor supervision

Sailing /Catamaran – Refresh Course – 3h   85 eur / person

Refreshing the sailor’s skills whenever needed

Advanced Level

For this course the sailor must have passed through the previous instruction - Complete Basic Course, or make proof on water the he has achieved elsewhere the minimum ability to continue. After completing this course the sailor has gained a great degree of independency, and is able to sail in most conditions from light to moderate winds.

Sailing /Catamaran  – 2 Days Course – 4h   140 eur / person

Objectives: Fine tuning  the sail,  steering, faster  tacking and gibing, sailing up to 16 /18  kts of wind,  further sailing theory, and very important: righting after capsizing!

Sailing /Catamaran  – Complete Advanced Course - 2 Days course  4hours + 4 hours rental included -   200 eur / person

Objectives: Includes an important follow up renting of 4 hours with the instructor supervision



Catamaran Excursions  (easy sailing for all,  great sailing tour with  no experience required)

Sailing tour – 2,5 hours – 75 euros ( couple, family with one sibling under 10 yrs old )

No experience needed. Sail together with our Catamaran Instructor and discover the lagoon and its islands, the superb view of Costa Nova from the water or enjoy the sunset over the village. Hook in on the trapeze and fly over the water…!






Catamaran Regattas  (the competition factor)

Sailing regata possible modes:

- For intermediate to  confirmed sailors, the added competition factor, may turn  a dull sailing alone day into an adrenalined packed program!

- Super fun activity  for those who love to compete bettween themselves or with orther sailors.

- The best way to gain  experience, learn new manouvres, and improve on the ones you already master.

- Great option for a light windy day, if you have a group of friends who know the basics of sailing catamarans.

- Sailing on the edge and competing is what separates the experienced sailor from the sunday sailor.

Special Club regattas are organized regularly, when conditions are favourable. Stay tunned on our web site or facebook page. Apart from the great fun involved, this is a superb way to learn more about the sailing technique, mostly because nobody enjoys that much being the last one arriving on the beach !