Discover the beautifull lagoon of Aveiro and its daily life aboard one of our kayaks

Canoeing is an adventure holiday as well as a wild and romantic alternative to enjoy nature.  Kayak  Paddling in front of the village of Costa Nova, or taking a tour to ne of the lagoons islands,  will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Without previous knowledge needed, rowing is an good water sport for the entire family.  Only within a few strokes through  water you will leave the stress and pressures of life behind.  Come and spend an enchanted week in an unspoiled and natural place, within the Western Atlantic Coast of Portugal,  and   you will find the perfect location for your canoeing adventure. Rowing is the ideal sport to train your body.  Every stroke strengthens your muscles.  Just go and try this special work out!






Kayak Basic Level

Kayak  – Discovery – Beginning Instruction (Equipment included)
Objectives: Safety, rowing and  turning technique, capsizing and getting upright, autonomy

Kayak / Canoeing lesson – 1 hour    20 eur/ 1 person


Kayak  Specials

Ojectives: group activities, getting stamina, sight seeying, bird watching, kayak  games and overall good fun

- Instead of making this tour standing up alone on a SUP board, you take a 2 seater kayak and row along  with a friend

- Ideal activity  for group events like birthday, bacherlor parties, kids and families