Use the wind, benefit from our kitesurf school training experience and learn to kite on the west coast of Portugal, in the shallow waters of the lagoon ‘Ria de Aveiro’.

Our kitesurfing lessons are suitable to both individuals, friends group, or family members. For each of these situations we have diferent aproachs, special lesson training and kite equipment.

Located between Porto and Figueira da Foz,  the lagoon of Aveiro is a inland strech of water just 100 meters from the Altantic ocean. Due to the lagoon’s flat  and shallow waters its the ideal playground for learning kitesurfing in safe  and easy conditions. Our qualified instructors will teach you all the basics of the sport in an uncrowded envirnoment, so that during the kite  lessons you  can focus on what’s important: having fun and make the most of your kitesurfing holidays in Portugal.






Basic Kitesurf Discovery / Experience – 2 hours (on the beach)

A taster session designed for everyone  who would like to feel the power of the kite, and understand  why kitesurf is so popular.  Its  good fun and will feel the adrenaline rush very quickly. Very good for kids, families or groups of friends.

45 eur* (4 Persons) | 60 eur* (2 Persons) |  70 eur* (1 Person/Private lesson) *prices per person

Simplified kitesurf theory, easy set up and beachflying kites







Complete kitesurf course


Kitesurf course Level  1 – 4  hours  – 120 euros  – The Beach Lesson
Theoretical basics of kitesurf, safety rules, set up, beachflying, wind window, power zone, and self rescue

- Probably the most important lesson in the kitesurf course. You learn all the basic kite manouvers on land(beach), along with some very important safety and handling tips. The aim is to prepair the student to handle the kite in all conditions securely and with the maximum  confidence. Upon finishing this level the begginner should be independent on flying the kite on land.

Kitesurf course Level  2 – 3 hours  – 120 euros – The Body Drag Lesson
First kitesurfing water lesson, water relaunch, body drag downwind, directional and upwind, preparation for the board

- The first water lesson is the most enjoyable and adrenaline pumped up kite session the begginner has. Finally in the water and with a good degree of control, the kite beginner body drags downwind across the water at amazing speeds. Upon finishing this lesson the student is ready to start with the kite board.







Kitesurf Course Level 3 – 3 hours  – 120 euros – The waterstart Lesson
Second kitesurf lesson in the water, board riding theory, waterstart, controling the power, and first board rides

- The final lesson is the more demanding one, but at the same time the most rewarding one! Finally the board is there, and all the learning will be put to use to do the first waterstart (Standing up on the kite board). The beginner has to control the kite power, stand up, and start edging the kitesurfing board to make his first and the most unforgetable ride of his life.







Complete Basic Course – Step 1+2+3 – 10 hours  – 300 euros
Complete kitesurf course, from the first land lesson to to the first board rides in the water






Advanced Level

Refresh Course – 5 hours -  200 €
Refreshing the riders skills, restarting kitesurf after a period of inactivity


Private Class – 1h – 50€
One instructor just for you / all equipment supplied / min 2h

Rental – 2h – 60€
We give you a hand launching / we give you the best tips and advice for the day’s kiting  / we keep an eye on you / all equipment supplied

General Terms and Conditions