Situated at the board with the Atlantic, Portugal offers excellent conditions for the lovers of aquatic sports. It has great spots for different wind directions and easy access, satisfying the windsurfers, kitesurfers, surfers, stand-up paddle users, kayak and catamaran users, among others. The warm waters that cross Portugal , falling into the ocean, create rare beautiful beaches and perfect places for this kind of sports.

From Nort to South, the most famous places are: Viana do Castelo, Esposende, Porto (Matosinhos), Aveiro (Costa Nova), Peniche, Lisboa (Guincho, Cascais, Carcavelos), Sagres, Portimão, Albufeira, Faro.


Considered the capital of Ria or the “Portugal Venice”, Aveiro is one of the most interested cities of the Portuguese seaside.

The Ria of Aveiro divides itself into three channels crossing the city: The Pyramids, Saint Roque and Paradise. The famous moliceiros, typical boats of Aveiro, offer unique colors and animation, along with the reflection of the white houses and those covered in azulejos (ceramic) into the channel’s waters. During the summer, these channels become a touristic attraction, full of colors and lights, offering to the people and amazing unforgettable experience.
The activities offer is very diversified, including: fishing (Aveiro received big regattas and competitions), mononautics, bare-foot, bodyboard, canoeing, submarine hunting, aquatic ski, kitesurf, pure and synchronized swimming, aquatic polo, modern pentathlon, paddling, surfing, bodysurf, triathlon, sailing, wakeboard, windsurf and touristic trips on the Ria. It keeps the connection with the traditions, but with some radical novelties such as the windsurf, the kitesurf or even the flying across the Ria. Those that promote this kind of activities  say that Ria of Aveiro is one of the Portuguese places with the best conditions to practice this kind of sports (windsurf and kitesurf). The large channels and the wind in the region are the ingredients for their success.
Other places of interest
- the dunes made of salt, which complete the colors of the city because of their shining;
- the university campus, piece of contemporaneous architecture and regional and national development pole, recognized worldwide at research level, in science and telecommunication;
- Beira-Mar neighborhood, a typical one, with colorful houses, that invite the tourists to have a walk or ride a bike to explore it;
- the old Ceramic Fabric, one of the city’s attractions, is the place where the pieces of azulejos were made, representing natural landscapes or monuments from Aveiro; nowadays it  works as a Cultural Center of Congresses;
- The Art Nouveau is a decorative style that doesn’t use typical architectonic formulas, but instead it designs curves, vegetal motifs, appear on the azulejos ceramics, on the iron walls, doors and windows. Can be seen in Major Pessoa House (Rossio), The Ovos Moles House, The Republic Museum, The Building of the Agricultural Cooperative or the restaurant Pensão Ferro;
- The Museum of Aveiro, situated on the place of the old Dominican monastery of Jesus, has one of the biggest and most relevant collection of sacred art in Portugal;
- The Misericordia Church, which is famous for its colorful ceramics from inside;
- The São Gonçalo Chapel, famous for the throwing of cavacas (specific sweet from Portugal), an antique tradition that happens each January;
- The Carmo Church, that stil keeps some old painting from the era of the Carmelites;
- The Fish Market, the ex-libris of the city, great place for gathering and have fun.

The Beaches

Barra Beach – With its faro, one of the tallest in Europe, gets lots of tourists. This is the place where the Ria flows into the ocean, perfect for surf, windsurf, sailing and fishing. The summer nights are very animated, with lots of parties and bars.

São Jacinto Beach – With a fishing tradition, is situated on the Northern side of Barra, closing the lagoon. The Natural Reserve of Dunes of São Jacinto is a costal land of 666 ha with excellent beaches, moving or still dunes, …. If you like to have a walk in nature, this Natural reserve is the best choice.

Costa Nova Beach – Is a popular place among tourists and inhabitants of the region, being famous because of its landscape bordered by the sea and the Ria, but also because of its typical houses made by wood painted with colorful stripes. The main avenue gets very joyful with these houses, the ex-libris of the region and one of the stronger  touristic postcards, and allows long walks, by feet or by bike, to admire the landscape, the boats and local art. It is a place very attractive for the Portuguese families , who usually spend their holidays here. Costa Nova reflects the essence of living close to the sea.
The beach being that windy makes the nautical sports lovers, especially windsurf and kitesurf, to come here and enjoy the optimal conditions that the the beach offers. RIACTIVA, the school of water sports, is ready to receive student and club members, and also the clients that want to rent an equipment to practice windsurf, kitesurf, surf, catamaran, vela, kayak and stand-up paddle, in a professional and friendly environment.